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About Regina

Regina Pickett Garson is a writer, editor and online publisher. A Behavioral Scientist by training, her publishing credits have ranged from the hard, to the social and behavioral sciences, and causes, to the pure creative. Between writing politics with the team at Forward Progressive and her stint as a tech writer/editor for the NASA Ares First Stage Team at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), she is just as likely to write about politics as the inner workings of a rocket. Read more....

My Blog

Getting Political

Although I have been writing about and covering various political and social issues for years, this is my first time to actually get out there and run for something. That said, if you happen to live in Alabama Congressional District #5, I would appreciate your vote, in the upcoming Democratic Primary, for Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

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Journey: A Short Story is now out and available for Kindle at Amazon.
-- Nutshell plot: Co-dependency gone seriously awry.

About Writing

One thing I always loved about my older friends and members of the community was that they knew so much, and you could learn things from them. I always looked forward to being that kind of older. It could be that I am right near that kind of older now. One learns many things in the course of their career, and living too actually. But one thing I have probably been somewhat remiss on is sharing what I have learned about the word smyth business, writing and editing both, and publishing too, especially online. In the process or rearranging and going to a consolidated blog format on the various, I will be covering writing related topics on the blog, instead of all over the planet, click here, more is coming.

Forward Progressives

It's an online political rag and things do get lively. Although I have spent much of my life writing and involved in various activist causes, for most of that time, I have also, or perhaps as much as possible, tended to avoid writing directly about political hot button issues. I am over it. Although seeing as one of my early beefs with such was being expected to tow a political line, when it came to such, I was a lost cause. I am completely capable of having folks on both sides mad at me. Needless to say, when confronted with the possibility of writing for a political rag, I stepped carefully, but I did finally step, wrote with them for a while. We're still friends, but most of my upcoming related is going to be on my own blog. If you take a notion, check out my past political writing, Regina Garson at Forward Progressives.

Magic Stream

Magic Stream is a multi-faceted literary e-zine, mental health, self-help and wellness resource. The primary focus is on personal growth and the universal in human emotion. With a mind/body focus, emotional fitness is approached in much the same way as physical fitness and very frequently in a like manner, since the two are so inextricably related. Among the earliest online self-help resources, I started Magic Stream in 1994. All considered, I was pretty slow bringing the site onto Facebook, but a Magic Stream Community Page is the most recent Magic Stream upgrade. Check it out.

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Writing a Research Paper Presentation

A while back, I spoke on "Writing a Research Paper" to one of the English Classes at Virginia College. I taught there for right at five years, so it was a lot of fun to go back and visit. People still seem to be pulling it up, so if there is a need, here are copies of my presentation and the handout:

-- PowerPoint Presentation on How to Write a Research Paper.
-- The Research Paper Handout.

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