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Regina Pickett Garson
-- Writer, Editor and Publisher --

Regina Pickett Garson is a writer, editor and online publisher. A Behavioral Scientist by training, her publishing contributions have ranged from the hard, to the social and behavioral sciences, and causes, to the pure creative. She has worked as a writer/technical area specialist for the Ares First Stage Team at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC).

Regina's technical offerings have included writing for and about the Internet, computers, and technology on both a hands-on and industry reporting level. As an editor, she has worked with a wide range of technical, scientific, and academic research material. She held a teaching position at Virginia College in Huntsville, Alabama. Her course offerings included Microcomputer Fundamentals and application courses, Communications, English Composition, and speech.

Regina has significant experience developing and publishing online resources, including Magic Stream, which was among the earliest online self-help resources. She has written, developed and/or covered, diversity related materials and issues, career and professional development resources, labor and workplace resources and issues, and resources for coping with discrimination and harassment.

She has been recognized in areas as diverse as her work in communications with NASA's Ares Outreach Team, video production, grass roots activism, humanitarianism, community service, website design and development, self-help, fitness, and academic excellence. Now regarded as an Internet pioneer, she has been internationally recognized for her online contributions.

On the creative end, Regina is an award winning writer. She is a classically trained pianist and spent the first half of her life as a musician. From gospel quartets to a classical duo with a violinist, after spending her early years on the local stage, and starting into a performance major at the University of Alabama, she chose to write. With time though, the music has slowly figured back into her life and her writing.

She has published poetry, short stories and essays, is an art critic when she has the time for writing fun, and has a novel, One of Our Own, in the works. One of Our Own delves into the social fabric of the South, the dark side of the decade that roared; moonshining, bootleggers, coal mines, labor unions, WWI flying aces, and the liberated women of the day.

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