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Regina Pickett Garson

  • Gossip, the divided South and closets full of skeletons with missing keys
    -- As folks who know me are well aware, it is no secret I am Southern. I love the South. It is my home and I am proud of it. I do know we have certain attitudes though, and we are not without blemish. This blog post was a long time coming. It had its genesis in a Southern Sociology class I audited years ago, something about our local gossip and skeletons in the closet of the South.
  • Preface to My Swan Song
    -- When something happens, and sooner or later, one day, we will all be there, but the day when you honestly don't know if you are ever going to see another day, things change. Even if you do, when that day comes, you do a whole lot of thinking.
  • Ares RIFs, HSP and life does go on
    -- Times are changing and my head is spinning. This is not just changing times for me; it is pretty close to changing times for life as I knew and expected it to be. Hundreds in our area and thousands of others around the country were hit with a brand new acronym -- RIF -- Reduction in Force. Of course, NASA is famous for acronyms. It took me a minute on this one though. I kept seeing RIF, but it didn't sink in at first. It means "layoff." This one was right sizeable and it got me, too.
  • Huntsville Braces to be Battered Once More
    -- As the recession continues, every day, there is not only more bad economic news, there is ongoing disaster that exacerbates the bad economic news. Huntsville has fared well, and is frequently listed among the number one cities in the nation. But the reality is that Huntsville sits in the center of an area that has already been hit really hard in the last couple of months. Exploring Huntsville Examiner column.
  • Coming Home: The Writer and Her Music.
    -- A personal account. It's been said that you can't ever go back home. What does that mean? What is home anyway? The struggle with strength, self, creativity and the need to be public with the most intimiate of feelings is a life long struggle for the creative soul.
  • Writer Hermit
    -- On Writing, Fame and Activism
  • Give the Best Gift of All -- Keep the Magic Alive -- Magic Stream, December '09

  • Cancer: The Journey
    -- A blog post. To me, cancer was one of those things that happened to other people. Even when my mom dealt with breast cancer, it was still something that happened to other people, or maybe the ones who came before you, your friends as you get older, but certainly not your children.

  • Why We Celebrate Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month
    -- Equal Opportunity Magazine. EOP, Inc.
    -- Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Examiner Ethnic Community Series.
  • Show Yourself How Much You Care-- Magic Stream
    -- Domestic Violence Newsletter
  • My New Year's Non-Resolutions
    -- I've never liked the idea of New Year's Resolutions. If you make them, you feel like you are somehow accountable. Still, as the holiday festivities wind down, I enjoy curling up and spending some time thinking. This is not a long assignment, just a few moments with a nice cup of coffee, a pen and a piece of scratch paper.

Huntsville, Alabama
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