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Regina Pickett Garson
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Huntsville, Alabama

  • Why is Huntsville named at the top in all the "top of..." lists?
    -- From the very start, people from all over came to Huntsville and they came with a purpose. There is a reason Huntsville is a boomtown and it always has been. It is not a vacation resort. Huntsville is a working town.
  • See the city
    If you are a typical Huntsville resident, you were not born here. Likely as not you moved here to work, or you moved here with your parents or spouse, when they got a job here. No doubt, Huntsville is a high tech working town. It routinely makes somebody's list of best places to live. There is a reason, actually a lot of them.
  • Why is Huntsville called "the Rocket City?"
    -- When Dr. Wernher von Braun and his team came to Huntsville, it was to further his work with rockets. That work brought a boom to the area's economy and a change in the whole outlook of the town. People come from all over the world to work and do business in Huntsville. Aerospace and technology industries soon sprang up in the area. It wasn't long before Huntsville was known as "the Rocket City."
  • Biotech the next Huntsville boom
    -- Biotechnology is the latest, the newest and the next predicted Huntsville boom. Ever since the day Huntsville became known as the "rocket city," the influx of science, engineering, research, mathematicians, and computer scientists into the area has made the town a magnet for leaders and developers in all things technological.
  • In the News:

  • Huntsville braces to be battered once more
    -- As the recession continues, every day, there is not only more bad economic news, there is ongoing disaster that exacerbates the bad economic news. Huntsville has fared well, and is frequently listed among the number one cities in the nation. But the reality is that Huntsville sits in the center of an area that has already been hit really hard in the last couple of months.
  • Our Nashville neighbors still struggle after the flood
    -- As Huntsvillians finally felt able to breathe half a sigh of relieve from the winter of 2010, our neighbors to the north have suffered one of the greatest natural disasters this country has ever known. In the media frenzy over spilling oil in the gulf, our Nashville neighbors haven't had a whole lot of media attention.
  • Community copes after school shooting
    -- The community is in shock after the Friday, February 5 shooting at Discovery Middle School in Madison.
  • Ares rockets are canceled
    -- With an area economy anchored in aerospace, technology, and Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville holds its breath each year as the new federal budget is released. February 1, 2010, President Obama announced the release of the 2011 federal budget. With it came the announcement that not just the new Ares rockets, but the whole Constellation program, was being canceled.
  • Ares in conflict
    -- There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that Huntsville is indeed "the Rocket City." The bad news is the announcement of yet another potential human space flight project being canceled.
  • Commentary:

  • The long Huntsville winter of 2010
    -- Where are the words to describe the winter of 2010? The ravages have been relentless and Huntsville has been battered.
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