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This is the social media landing and information page of Regina Pickett Garson.

I am guessing you either got here from one of my social media accounts or you are interested in connecting with me on social media. I do so love social media. On a good day I'm an extrovert, with severe introverted tendencies. I love people, the world, and everything in it, except bad politics, injustice... anyway. Since I'm a word smyth by trade, I am pretty much a professional hermit -- with a very long list of varied interests and involvements. So, to sort it all out, how you know me and where you want to go, yes, I do actually have fifteen personalities, so a flowchart might not be such a bad idea. At any rate, here's a rundown of my stuff. I like social media. You are welcome to connect and to visit my various online publications and resources.

My Blog

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Journey: A Short Story is now out and available for Kindle at Amazon.
-- Sexy sarcastic Gothic metafiction. Nutshell plot: Co-dependency gone seriously awry.

Social Media Connect Points

Regina Garson's Official Facebook Writer Page -- A Facebook "Like" page. Most of what I post here is writing related, or has to do with my own writing. Sometimes I share other as well. I attempt to keep my politics and opinions off this page, but sometimes I slip up. I am pretty opinionated and that is not going to change any time soon. But I try. If you are interested in political debate though. There are opportunities for that at Forward Progressives and the Grassroot Rag Political Blog. More on them below, next the other social media connect points.

Twitter -- @ReginaGarson. Unless there is a clear disconnected question on the morals and values, I pretty much follow back. Sometimes it takes a week or two though, day jobs and all that.

Goodreads. -- I am new on Goodreads and still finding my way around. You are welcome to connect, but don't be surprised if I ask you where something is.

Google Plus -- +ReginaGarson. I haven't been very active on Google+, but I am working on it and you are welcome to connect.

LinkedIn -- If you would like to connect professionally, I am almost always up for a little networking, especially in the writing, media and communications business, aerospace, and actually music as well, since that is pretty much where I spent the first half of my life. And I love the business of business, so definitely connect if you are so inclined.

Pinterest -- I am pretty new on Pinterest, but I do have an account. It tends to be heavy on recipes (yes I love to cook) and political memes.

My Writing

My Author Page

Regina Garson Bio -- I'm a writer, editor, online publisher, done some teaching, media/outreach consulting, and either have been or am involved in a number of social issues. I've also worked in various high tech capacities: computers, Internet, and aerospace. If you really want a run down, this is it.

Regina Garson's Blog -- On life and living it. I am apt to write about just about anything dealing with life, social issues, politics, activism, the war on drugs, and space too. Sometimes I have guest posts as well.

Self-help and Wellness Online Publisher -- Magic Stream

I know, what a jump. See above about many personalities. Magic Stream is a multi-faceted literary e-zine, mental health, self-help and wellness resource. The primary focus is on personal growth and the universal in human emotion. With a mind/body focus, emotional fitness is approached in much the same way as physical fitness and very frequently in a like manner, since the two are so inextricably related. Among the earliest online self-help resources, I started Magic Stream in 1994. That would be twenty years this spring. All considered, I was pretty slow bringing the site onto Facebook, but a Magic Stream Community Page is the most recent Magic Stream upgrade. Check it out.

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Magic Stream Blog -- This blog serves as a discussion board for the Magic Stream site.

Magic Stream on Facebook

For Teachers

Magic Stream Teacher's Page -- As some say, once a teacher, always a teacher. Anyway, "Issues, Conflict and Emotion in the Classroom: Resources for Teachers" is posted on Magic Stream. However, it also has links to some of the Teaching Resources I helped put together for NASA.

Writing a Research Paper Presentation

This is a presentation and handout on "Writing a Research Paper." I taught for right at five years at Virginia College, in Huntsville. I put these together when I went back to talk to some of the classes. There is a presentation and a handout, which are suitable for college or adult students. In my work, in addition to writing, I edit a whole lot of research and help others with their writing. I told the classes that I spoke with that I would post the handouts online, thus the links.
-- PowerPoint Presentation on How to Write a Research Paper.
-- The Research Paper Handout.

Politics and Activism

Grassroot Rag Political Blog -- I started this blog so I had a place to put my various activist and political discourse that didn't seem to fit anywhere else, not even Forward Progressives. I almost always have an opinion, and I tend toward the political.

Grassroot Rag on Facebook -- Political discussion board dedicated to grassroots political activism, with a heavy focus on healthcare reform, the war on drugs, marijuana prohibition, and medical marijuana laws. Readers are welcome to post and join in the discussions.

Forward Progressives -- It's an online political rag and things do get lively. Although I have spent much of my life writing and involved in various activist causes, for most of that time, I have also, or perhaps as much as possible, tended to avoid writing directly about political hot button issues. It is pretty clear, I am over it. I am completely capable of having folks on both sides mad at me. This group is great though. I have never worked with a more diverse group of people in my life. We are all very different. Everybody has their own opinion. The readers are welcome to join in the comments, and they all have their own opinions too. the link is to my article archive, Regina Garson at Forward Progressives.

Regina Garson's Author Page