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Technical Writing

As technical writer for NASA's Ares First Stage Team, among other, my duties included writing conference papers, background checking, and working as needed with various other Ares projects and Ares First Stage publication development efforts. I also worked with Ares and Ares First Stage specific video, media and presentation outreach projects. These were a team effort, and I variously worked alongside authors, presentors, illustrators, videographers and First Stage element team members in gathering background research and information, writing, editing, and development of the various projects. As First Stage Subject Matter Expert for the Ares Outreach group, I was responsible for helping to develop and insure the accuracy of a range of Ares First Stage specific NASA information and resources.

  • Ares I First Stage Propulsion System Status.
    -- Conference paper, abstract, and presentation. Space Propulsion 2010, May 3-6, 2010, San Sebastian, Spain.
  • Propulsion System Status: Ares First Stage.
    -- 2010 JANNAF Abstract. Abstract was accepted. Originally for 57th JANNAF Propulsion Meeting, 3-7 May 2010, Colorado Springs, CO, United States. -- With pending project cancelation, there was no paper or presentation.
  • Ares I First Stage: Powering Exploration
    -- Abstract and presentation for the 2009 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) JPC Conference.
  • Ares First Stage Element Status
    -- Slide presentation. AIAA Space 2009 Conference and Exhibition, 14-17 Sep. 2009, Pasadena, CA, United States.
  • Progress on Ares First Stage Propulsion
    -- Abstract. AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference, 20-23 Jul. 2008, Hartford, CT, United States.
  • Reusability Studies for Ares I and Ares V Propulsion
    -- Abstract and conference paper. AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference, From 20-23 Jul. 2008, Hartford, CT, United States.
  • NASA Propulsion Investments for Exploration and Science
    -- Conference paper. Space Propulsion 2008, 5-9 May 2008, Crete.
  • Ares Video Production Team
    -- In the capacity of First Stage Technical Writer, I worked with/and/or contributed to these linked Ares video productions.
  • Technology Reporting

  • Biotech: The next boom
    -- Exploring Huntsville Examiner Column.
  • Why is Huntsville called "the rocket city?"
    -- Exploring Huntsville Examiner Column.
  • "Online Shopping for Newbies"
    -- Used with students in computer class and with an online shopping site.
  • "Ada Byron and Mary Shelley: Cyber Femmes of the Romantic Age" -- March 2005
    -- Paper Presented at MTSU Women's Studies Conference.
  • "The Pirates of Silicon Valley Want You"
    -- Where the Jobs are in Software
    -- Profile of Sun Microsystems, Dell and IBM.
    -- Hispanic Career World -- Fall '04

  • Telecommunications and Diversity -- Winter '04
    -- Woman Engineer

  • Defense Industry Jobs -- Winter '04
    -- Minority Engineer

  • Web Promotion for Newbies
    -- Page
    -- Internet Wizards,
    -- HTML Source,
    -- The CyberCourier Ezine, etc...

    WWW and the Internet

  • Website development, design and publishing,
    HTML, FTP, JAVA Script, graphic manipulation and interface.
    Desktop publishing: Frontpage, Notetab and hand coding.

    Tech Education and Support

  • Ms. Garson's Class Page
    Introductory computer science class links and references.

  • Computer lab.
    Setup, supervision and troubleshooting.
    Computer science and elementary level programming.
    Educational programs and applications instruction.

    Huntsville, Alabama
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