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Regina Pickett Garson
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As technical writer for NASA's Ares First Stage Team and First Stage Ares Outreach, I also served on the Ares TV and Video Working Group. My role was to first review the raw First Stage footage, which was shot live, on site at NASA centers and the various contractor sites as the First Stage element moved through the design, development, production process and testing to final design of a first stage element reusable solid rocket booster. This first stage booster element was to be used to loft rockets and other spacecraft into Lower Earth Orbit. My role was to research and collect relevant technical and production background information for use in both NASA Ares Outreach and in writing the First Stage section of the Ares Quarterly Video Updates. This was very much a team effort. My research and writing was combined with that of the photographers, video editors, graphic artists, and other writers. I started work with the team during the production of the eighth quarterly video. Since then (among other), I worked with and/or contributed to the following Ares video productions. They are grouped from the last first (of which I was a part) produced before we were dispersed, along with the other Ares RIFs, when the project was canceled, as in this rocket will never actually be built, even though they did get the Arex I-X prototype built, and the test flight was a success. Oh well. The videes, as with everything else involved in building a rocket, was very much a team effort.

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