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Regina Pickett Garson,
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  • ISDC 2011 -- Coverage of International Space Development Conference.

  • Von Braun Symposium creates waves

  • What is STEM? Why is it important?

  • See the city. It's Huntsville.

  • Give the Best Gift of All -- Keep the Magic Alive
    -- Magic Stream, December '09

  • Why is Huntsville called "the Rocket City?"
    --, December '09

  • FIRST LEGO League Alabama Championship
    --, December '09

  • Mooresville Christmas Walking Tour
    --, December '09

  • Online Shopping for Newbies
    -- For my own website THE Store at Magic Stream

  • Coping With Holiday Stress
    -- ESL Teacher's Board

  • Ada Byron and Mary Shelley: Cyber Femmes of the Romantic Age -- March 2005
    -- Paper Presented at MTSU Women's Studies Conference

  • Telecommunications and Diversity -- Winter '04
    -- Woman Engineer

  • Defense Industry Jobs -- Winter '04
    -- Minority Engineer

  • The Pirates of Silicon Valley Want You -- Fall '04
    -- Profile of Sun Microsystems, Dell and IBM.
    -- Hispanic Career World

  • Why We Celebrate Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month
    -- Equal Opportunity Magazine. EOP, Inc.

  • Seiji Saito -- Bringing Love and Laughter to Stone
    -- Sculpture Review

  • Haiku and Haija
    -- Learners Online

  • Web Promotion for Newbies
    -- Page
    -- Internet Wizards,
    -- HTML Source,
    -- The CyberCourier Ezine, etc...

  • Washington DC and Capital Hill
    -- iTravel Syndicate

  • Washington DC Online
    -- iTravel Syndicate

  • Alexis Herman, Secretary of Labor
    -- Women's Village

  • A Woman's Path: Stepping Stones to Success
    -- Women's Village

  • Cookie Dreams and the Secret of Success
    -- Women's Village

  • Come on Gals: Let's Vote!
    -- Women's Village

  • Are We Ready? Elizabeth Dole
    -- Women's Village

  • Women as Victims? I Don't Think So
    -- Everyman

  • Asian American Bibliographic References
    -- Originally compiled for The Asian American Village

  • Angela E. Oh and The President's Initiative on Race
    -- The Asian American Village

  • Korematsu's Courage Earns Him the President's Medal of Freedom
    -- The Asian American Village.

  • Show Yourself How Much You Care
    -- Magic Stream
    -- Domestic Violence Newsletter Columns

    I am no longer active with I covered various while I was there: Exploring Huntsville, a what's going on in the neighborhood kind of thing, some amount under the heading of Educational Recreation, and another column that focused on issues of race and ethnicity.

    Some of those articles included:

    -- What is STEM? Why is it important?
    -- Why is Huntsville called "the Rocket City?"
    -- Huntsville Space Professionals Job Fair.

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